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    The 3nd school congress named “motion and sports” has once more been successfully carried out by the SVSS. The congress establishes itself in the Swiss field of education as a centre of competence for “school in motion” and “physical education in schools”. From October 23-25 2015 around 700 participants from nine countries became part of the innovative further education in Magglingen.

    The school congress focused on the notion of the eventful school. Exercise is crucial to a child’s and adolescent’s integral development, not only concerning physical education, but also in the classroom, in the schoolyard, on the way to school and at home. Another important and current theme treated at the congress was the teacher’s health and balanced character.
    A Fit Body Leads to an Alert Mind
    The key note lecture on sports, cognition and neuronal plasticity on Saturday was held by Georg Kuhn, who is a professor for renewable neuroscience at the University of Göteborg in Sweden. According to Kuhn, the brain has more options to structural modifications than expected so far. Kuhn examines the way to influence this neuronal plasticity on the basis of selected neuroscientific examples. Special attention was paid to surveys that show the close connection between adolescents’ cognitive performance and physical exercise and that this heavily influences the physical and mental health in their adulthood: the bigger the cardiovascular fitness the higher the IQ. Furthermore, it has been proved before that humans with limited fitness are more likely to suffer from depression. Science therefore has already displayed how highly the promotion of sports and exercise influences a healthy social development.
    Further Education- Modular and Individual
    Participants could choose freely from 80 modules to learn about useful practical tips for the planning of an eventful lesson in all subjects and offers for PE. The modules’ variety was impressive: they ranged from “sports with overweight children” to “healthy teachers” to “golfing in school”.
    The SVSS Sets Standards
    The school congress figures as an important reference for the SVSS’s range of further education and generally as the association’s showpiece. The appealing course offers make it easy for the teachers to do justice to/easily do justice to their individual demands on further education and the provision of various “Good Practice” examples massively reduces their workload of lesson planning. Furthermore, the SVSS’s concern lies in the supplying of an up-to-date and appealing further education, offering contents that are modern and specific to teachers.
    The next school congress “motion and sports” takes place in the autumn of 2017.
    EUPEA Forum in Magglingen
    In line with the school congress the EUPEA took the opportunity to hold the annual forum in Magglingen and to integrate it into the event.
    Representatives from seven countries discussed their current situation of PE. The discussion’s focus was on the quality of PE. With his presentation of the “QIMS” project Walter Mengisen, acting manager of BASPO and host of the event, evoked a lot of interest and attention among the attendees.
    In the near future the subject will become a central content of discussion not only nationally, but the ”QIMS” project will be of interest on a pan-European level.
    Not least thanks to these linking contents Switzerland’s contribution to the European association of PE teaching is essential and welcomed. Along with the political significance of PE, to which has been paid much attention, Switzerland has become an eligible interlocutor, offering help in the securing of PE on home soil.
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